Land Use Study Webinar April 16, 2023

April 16 2:00-4:00
What’s Going on Around Here,and How Can We Find Out?

PWC 2040 Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Webinar Series, 2:00-4:00 Zoom

Speaker, Charlie Grymes, Chair of LWV-PWFA Land Use Study Committee

Suddenly, a new road is gouged out, or a new subdivision is started, or a new data center is developed. How did this happen? How did we not know about it? How can we make our voices known before the road is already paved over, or the trees have been removed, or the bulldozers have started growling? Register for the zoom meeting on Sunday, April 16th, and learn how this all started.

This webinar is going to be recorded and will be one of a series dealing with land use in our area. Our goal is to educate our members and friends, to empower us to ask questions before, not after, the damage is done, and find out what’s going on around here, before it is a done deal.

Everyone in the community is invited to learn how our land use policies have grown and changed over the years and what we can do about it.

Register here.