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Board of Directors
FY 2023-2025 Organizational Chart
Officers and Directors
PresidentVice PresidentRecording Secretary
Pat ReillyKim McCuskerBarbara Greiling
TreasurerVoter Services Co-DirectorsVolunteer Director
Grace WhiteLaura Feld-MushawJudy Hingle
Carol Proven
Membership Records DirectorMembership Outreach DirectorAdvocacy Director
Jane TouchetCatherine RingCarol Noggle
Past President Ex-Officio
Janet Gorn
Off Board of Directors
FY 2023-2025 Organizational Chart
Observer CorpsBLM VigilBudget Committee
Vacant (Chair)Barbara AmsterTrish Freed (Chair)
Barbara Amster (Fauquier)Kim McCusker
Ruth BaltonNewsletter EditorGrace White
Marcia BarhamConnie Gilman
Pat Reilly
Racial & Social Justice Report StudyVoter Registration2040 Comprehensive Plan Study
Lorraine SchoonerLaura Feld-MushawCharles Grymes (Chair)
Heidi WhiteselCarol ProvenCarol Proven
Ruth BaltonCertified MembersMiriam Anver
Joan RenerSally Yankee
Lucia AndersonLaura Feld-Mushaw
Adult Detention CenterSenior Center Facilities (VR)Nominating Committee (2023)
Carol NoggleDonna AnsteeRuthann Litchford
Brenda CarswellConnie Gilman
Barbara Greiling
Judy Hingle (Ex-Officio)
Facts for VotersMembership Committee

*Elected 2-year Board Member Positions 2021 – 2023. Only Officers and Directors are Voting Members and the Past President Ex-Officio.

When do we meet?

Board Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month and open to the general membership.

General Meetings are called three times a year in addition to the Annual Meeting.

Registration and information about board meetings and all other activities are found under Sign-Up Genius.

Bylaws and Handbook

Board Handbook, May 17, 2022, incl. ByLaws

LWV-PWFA Bylaws amended May 15, 2022

Meeting Minutes

LW-PWFA Meeting Minutes are archived on the Website and filed by year. (Click here for the Minutes)

Our Communications Network

Membership in the LWV includes not only membership in the LWV-PWFA Local League, but membership in the LWV of Virginia (LWV-VA), and the LWV of the United States (LWVUS). LWV-PWFA members keep connected through a communication network of messages from each LWV level.

    LWVUS. The LWVUS issues a bi-monthly newsletter, “LWV League Update,” from the desk of the LWUS national President. Included is information on the calendar of webinars and virtual meetings, action taken, resources, LWV business, letters and memos issued, Leagues in the news, and LWVUS staff highlights.
    LWV-VA. The LWV-VA issues a monthly newsletter, “Virginia VOTER,” which includes a variety of State-level information articles. Newsletters are posted on the LWV-VA website (www.lwv-va.org) by date.
    LWV-PWFA. The LWV-PWFA employs several communication tools to keep members both informed and to sign up for events and activity participation opportunities: Website www.princewiliamlwv.org, semi-monthly “blasts” by email, a quarterly newsletter, Facebook, and SignUp Genius.

Financial Resources

League Funding is derived from several resources, 1) Member Annual Dues, the primary source of operating funds (Not tax deductible), 2) The Education Fund, income raised through donations (Tax deductible), 3) Grants, and 4) LWV Wares Boutique.

    1) Member Dues. Member Annual Dues are the primary source of operating funds. There are 6 Classes of Membership.
    2) Education Fund. The purpose of the Education Fund is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation in government. Income is raised through donation campaigns conducted periodically. Donations are tax deductible. The Fund operates exclusively for education purposes, including but not limited to the following:
    A) To build participation in the democratic process,
    B) To study public policy issues in Virginia in an unbiased, nonpartisan manner, and
    C) To educate and empower people to seek positive solutions to public policy issues.

The LWVUS acts as a Trustee for the LWV-PWFA Education Fund account. The LWVUS/EF operates the Local Education Fund program at no cost to participating Leagues. The program allows Local Leagues that are not incorporated 501(c)(3) organizations to collect tax deductible donations.

    3) Grants. The League benefits from Grant Programs, in particular to fund specific public education projects or programs. In addition to grant programs from public and private sources, the LWVUS provides Local Leagues with pass-through grant funding. Pass-through Grant opportunities are announced via the League “Update Newsletter” email. The LWVUS national office provides training, toolkits, visibility resources and more as part of the grant process and is available to work with the Grantee Local Leagues to address any issues throughout the Grant period. The LWVUS point of contact is listed in the Grant contract.
    4) LWV Market Place. The League raises funds through the sale of LWV-related items available to both members and the public.