LWV-VA Child Care Study

CHILD CARE (Chair: Maria Posey mariaposey@gmail.com)
Establishes a position study to examine the nature of Virginia’s childcare system. Due to the pandemic, hundreds of facilities have closed, thousands of families (mostly women) have had to choose between caring for their children or continuing to work, ad millions of dollars have been spent to prop up a system that was broken to begin with. We must build a childcare system that works equitably for all Virginians, and, with a strong position, the League of Women Voters can be a strong voice in that process.

The LWV-VA Child Care Study just released its report. Consensus meetings and discussions will be held in the LWV-PWFA League in early 2023.

LWV-VA Child Care Study Presentation – September 2022

LWV-VA Child Care Study Consensus Questions