Board of Directors Toolkit – Basic Operational Documents and Reference Materials

In an effort to ease transition from one board to another, several documents have been compiled and are available for all to use. These documents do not replace actual one-on-one discussions between the outgoing and incoming directors, but they seek to make the transitions orderly.

Rules for Governing the League and Conducting League Meetings are Roberts’s Rules of Order Newly Revised [LWV-PWFA Bylaws, ARTICLE XIII: Parliamentary Authority]. The LWV-PWFA Website contains a library of important valuable League documents.

Attached is the Board of Director’s toolkit of basic operational documents and reference materials.

2023-2025 Organizational Chart LWV-PWFA Board of Directors

Board Handbook – 5.9.23

Standing Rules – 9.18.2022

Postions in Brief Summary

LWV-VA Summary of LWV-VA Positions in Brief Statements (Spring 2023) [Date TBD post-Convention – New policy adopted LWV-VA positions to be included: Money in Politics, Environmental Justice, Education Equity, Child Care]

LWV-US Transformation Plan Guidance

LWVUS Study Guidelines – Reprogramed

LWV-PWFA – 2023 Community Events List – Approved 2.21.23

Palm Card Why Join the League of Women Voters? 3-23-2023

Each One Bring One Flyer

Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport Flyer

Top Ten Fauquier June 2023

Prince William Top Ten 2022 Nov

Promotion Trifold – Supreme Court Justices

Trifold – Getting Back Your Right to Vote