Discussion Group Opportunities


Sips and Civility

The “Sips and Civility” program series is designed to encourage among League members civil political discussion on an issue topic. Events feature a networking reception, guest keynote speaker or lead discussion coordinator, and about an hour of discussion at group tables. These events differ from other League events in a couple of ways: 1) Provide a casual atmosphere with drinks and food; and 2) Encourage participants to take ideas from the speaker or coordinator and expand on them in discussions. It is expected that the discussions will inspire participants to learn more and participate in the democratic process. Sips and Civility discussions are scheduled quarterly.

Book Discussion Group

The League broadens its view on issues of interest through reading both contemporary and previously published books. Members believe it is important to be open minded in their efforts to better understand issue pros and cons. By being widely read, Members can broaden their views and supplement their understanding of League issue studies and adopted Policy Positions. The League Book Discussion Group meets quarterly (January, April, July, and October) and encourages active participation in its discussion.