Affordable Housing Consensus Sessions

September 8,16 & 17
Affordable Housing Consensus Sessions via Zoom UPDATED

Dear Members,

As a local league, we need to come to a consensus on the LWV VA State Affordable Housing Study, and we’re asking you to select ONE of these 3 dates to attend to review and answer consensus questions. Each session will be led by our local housing housing subcommittee members.

After these 3 consensus meetings are completed, our subcommittee will meet and come to final consensus based on your feedback from the 3 sessions.

What is expected from you:
1. Please sign up for one of the 3 consensus meetings.
2. Plan to spend approx. 2 hours preparing for the meeting by reviewing these materials:
– Watch the overview presentation of the affordable housing study, if you missed the July 23rd General meeting:
– Read the complete housing study here (31pages)
– Prepare to answer the consensus questions by reviewing and preparing answers/comments.
Access to affordable housing and eviction prevention resources are critical to the residents of our state.

Thank you for participating!

Questions? Please contact an Affordable Housing Subcommittee member:

Bonita Sherman
Carol Proven
Cynthia Chambliss
Lorraine Schooner
Miggy Strano
Sandra Roszel